On what types of plants?

You can use Water-Hope in any soil and in any climate. You will find users around the world: in Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Chile and Switzerland.

For decades, rural populations have been leaving their land to enlarge the already overcrowded metropolises. Its farmers are confronted most of the time with the problem of lack of water and lack of profitability of their vegetable, cereal, or fruit cultivation.

From Africa through Central Asia, South America to Australia, a number of irrigation systems have thought of solving these water problems.

Despite drip systems, sophisticated mulching or plasticized covers for floors, the picture remains the same. We lose about 80% of the water we diffuse on crops.

When you see sprinklers spreading cubic meters of water on plantations during the dry season, it is already a failure to waste 80% of drinking water.

Can be used anywhere on the planet

Water is a commodity that is precious and scarce.

All that can change, an innovative and revolutionary process can change the situation. The Water-Hope

Water-Hope is the solution to facilitate agriculture whatever the crop, soil or climate. And the more sensitive the crop is to water stress, the more the use of Water-Hope is timely and profitable.

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