A Geneva based company offers an alternative to wasteful water

Water-Hope, a structure located in Geneva, has just put on the international market, a revolutionary substrate: a biodegradable, non-polluting hydro-retentor, capable of increasing its volume up to 300 times in quantity of water.

In a word, granules that allow 80% of the irrigation water to be concentrated around the roots of plants. For information, in normal times, the amount of irrigation water actually used by a plant is at most 20%.

There is an emergency for the planet

This substrate makes it possible to grow plants in very dry regions, while reducing water consumption by 50% in arid regions and up to 80% in temperate regions.

Even at the level of individuals, from the vegetable patch to indoor plants, this fertilizing hydro-retentor is able to reduce water consumption impressively while nourishing your plant thanks to its integrated organic fertilizer.

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