Soils are disappearing. Let's recreate them with Water-Hope.

According to the Ministry of Sustainable Development, 600 km2 of land is artificialized each year in France, ie the equivalent of one department every ten years. The fate of agricultural soils is no more enviable: plowed, compacted, overexploited, they are weakening and disappearing at high speed. In all, no less than 26 m2 of fertile soil disappear every second in France. The biologist Francis Hallé explains in the film “There was a forest” that it takes a long process of seven centuries to give birth to a primary forest.

Enhanced root systems

The roots bring water and mineral salts to the chlorophyllian (green) aerial parts which use them with carbon dioxide from the air to do photosynthesis in the presence of light. All these mineral materials (water, CO2, mineral salts) are used to make sugars, proteins, lipids, that is to say organic materials: we say that the plant is autotrophic (it does not need 'other living things for food).

Let's recreate the ground thanks to Water-Hope

Today there is an innovation that can redo the floors, this solution is ecological, simple and accessible…

This is the principle of hydro-retention in the form of a granule, by retaining water at the feet of the roots of plants, cereals, trees, the process allows the roots to choose the moment when they wish to mobilize the water whose it needs it, when it needs it most ... And we have observed that the plant conglomerates around the water droplets retained by the granules and increases their volume by three. Yes, you read that right, 3 times more roots for 5 times less water used. A real revolution in a period where the presence of humus soil becomes a question of survival. The quantity of Water-Hope necessary to allow a plant to create more roots is a few grams. Knowing that the Water-Hope costs only 27 euros per kilo, you understand that the price remains derisory compared to the interest obtained… ..

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