An enriched super absorbent

Water-Hope is a so called super absorbent enriched with a fertilizer. It is a product that has the ability to absorb very quickly up to 300 times its volume in water. This property is the most spectacular and the most visual, but it is complementary to the other important property of the technology: it is also a fertilizing product that will strongly boost the overall growth of the plant. Discover the instructions here.

Two main properties

It is the synergy of 2 properties of the product which will guarantee you success and better profitability of all your crops. To respect the environment and the health of men, Water-Hope does not contain sodium (soil acidifier) ​​and no acrylamide (carcinogen and potential mutagen). It contains no hormones or steroids. It is 100% bio-degradable.

Totally bio-degradable product

Chemically speaking, Water-Hope is a polymer that retains its action up to 5 years in the soil. After this period of effectiveness, the product is naturally bio-degraded by underground microorganisms, and leaves no toxic residues in the soil.

Of course, we do not find chemical residue from the Water-Hope in plants, fruits and vegetables cultivated with this technology.