Healthy and safe for the environment and human health

Water-Hope is 100% bio-degradable. It is currently the only water-retaining fertilizer containing no acrylamide (carcinogenic and potential mutagenic), nor hormones or steroids.

Preserve our planet

Biodiversity development

Preserve the wildlife

Water-Hope is active in the soil for about 5 years. During this period of activity, Water-Hope is an enhancer of the biological fertility of your soils, increasing the process of transformation of organic matter into humus and creating an ideal environment (balanced moisture, controlled temperature and soil oxygenation) for the development of the soil biodiversity (subterranean fauna and flora).

Water-Hope biodegradable

Rapid improvement of the soil

Water-Hope is a very good precursor to rapid improvement of the soils. At the end of the first cycle of cultivation, you will see a considerable number of earthworms, beetles and other small animals that will be your best auxiliaries to improve the fertility of your soil and to protect your crops from their parasites.

Let's preserve the underground life

Bio-degraded by underground microorganisms

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After this period of effectiveness, the product is naturally and progressively biodegraded by underground micro-organisms and leaves no polluting residue in the soil.